Recipe time 20min Kimchi, Meat

Kimchi Special Burger

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Kimchi and burgers? - Yes, It's a match!!! After trying this Mighty Burger, you will never look at an ordinary burger the same way again. Besides the bold taste, kimchi also adds goodness to your food.

- 2 burger buns
- 2 beef burgers
- Garlic, salt and pepper
- Kimchi Spicy (1/4 cup for each burger)
- Lettuce
- Cheddar cheese
- Bacon
- Mayo

- Grill the meat seasoned with garlic, pepper and salt.
- Place the cheddar slices on top of the burgers to melt.
- Grill the bacon.
- Now it's time to assemble your Mighty Burguer: Add the lettuce, bacon, cheddar burger and give it a special touch by adding spicy kimchy.

And Magic, you've just transformed an ordinary burger into a Mighty one!
Bon Apetit!