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Full of live cultures and with a unique recipe, Mighty Farmer naturally fermented veggies add a pinch of health and delicious might into your everyday meals, making healthy eating easy and fuss-free!
Full of live cultures and with a unique recipe, Mighty Farmer naturally fermented veggies add a pinch of health and delicious might into your everyday meals, making healthy eating easy and fuss-free!
Mighty Farmer

About us

You know how it is. The sun shines brightly, and you are havin' a merry old time with your friends? Yea, nothing special seems to be going on. Right? Nah, you feel good. And that's it! Those are the mighty moments we are all about. We believe in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

That is why we offer the best tasting and high-quality veggies, naturally rich in probiotics. Thanks to Mighty Farmer, you can easily and quickly transform every meal or snacking occasion into a healthy and delicious one. Yea, it is simple, yet so mighty!


Peter and Matus were always fascinated by how fermentation transforms ordinary ingredients into incredibly mighty meals. They grew up seeing their grandparents and parents preserve their food for winter with the art of fermentation, and that's where their inspiration came from.
When they met, something clicked, and they knew greats things were going to happen. They observed one simple truth: We live fast, we eat quickly, time is never enough. We want to be healthy and live and eat healthy, but it isn't easy these days.
What if they could easily transform everyday meals to become delicious and healthy? So, their vision was clear: To bring the magic benefits of fermentation out of the cellars and into new kinds of foods and to bring the benefits of fermentation into new types of modern and delicious tastes. So, people could have more possibilities to eat healthily without much effort or time. So, people could try their innovative recipes. All this while offering the healthy benefits of classic fermented meals.
All this would never be possible without the farmers. So, they embarked on a journey. Spent time with local farmers, dedicated hours to understanding the process, learning the secrets of producing the best quality fruits and veggies along the way. This bonding is responsible for the second priority the waste management. While setting up a business model, they made sure everything will be reused or recycled to minimize the impact of food waste on future generations.
Today it is safe to say that they can be proud of what they achieved. Mighty Farmer offers a range of the highest quality fermented veggies, full of probiotics and Vitamins. They have transformed ordinary food into mighty, probiotic meals that provide everyone a chance to make their every meal healthy and delicious. Their journey is far from over, quite the contrary, to be honest. Peter and Matus, and now, all of us at Mighty Farmer work hard every day to bring more delicious and healthy food solutions to your plates.
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At Mighty Farmer, we rebel against a hectic life. We believe that enjoying life takes a different approach. A positive one - where every minor achievement is celebrated, no matter how small it may seem.

Where we choose to look actively for the beauty that life has to offer. Where every ordinary moment can be transformed into an extraordinary one. Where every carrot, cabbage, and cucumber born with an imperfect shape can have a chance.

Where our own limited time is spent wisely on what matters - Building extraordinary memories with our loved ones. Memories that we will hold dear throughout our lives.
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Get inspired by our culinary tips. We spilled all the beans! We are working together with several Chefs and cooking enthusiasts to create and provide delicious and healthy meals for all kinds of tastes.

If there's a healthy life recipe, I believe it starts with picking the right ingredients. What are those, you ask? Saffron? No. Truffles? Not really (although I enjoy them dearly). Wait for it... it's fermented food! A perfect ingredient for a perfect dish. No matter if I am cooking for friends' summer pool party, restaurant guests, or family gathering. Everything just tastes better with fermented foods or veggies.

No compromises in taste, crunchy or spicy, and ready to enjoy - to your taste, little chef!

If there is one thing I know about food - if you enjoy preparing it, everyone enjoys eating it. Yeah, and I do not mind getting healthier in the process at all. Chop, chop!
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Fermentation is your gut's mighty friend. Maybe even the best one. And it is not even far away. Heck, it is right here, just a bite away! Packed with millions of gut-healthy bacteria, our fermented veggies, are the healthiest food choice you can make every day.

They hustle their bustle day and night to make you feel healthy and happy. Thanks to these little chumps in your guts, you can fully enjoy every moment.

They say it's the small things that matter the most. And we agree! Tiny microorganisms that live in your guts are a great example - so small and yet so mighty.

So, what can you do to become as mighty as them? Mighty Farmer is a super way, to begin with!
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At Mighty Farmer, we actively work to reduce food waste. We team up with local farmers and give imperfect veggies second chances. We also want to inspire you to find new amazing recipes from leftovers. Together, we can make simple, yet mighty changes to fight food waste and help our planet.
Did you know a vast portion of veggies ends up in the gutter just because they do not have the right size or shape? But that does not mean not having outstanding quality.

When the magic of fermentation steps in, the size or shape does not matter.

We don't want to see these great cucumbers, carrots, or cabbages end up in the trash. Hence, we work closely with local farmers and give these veggies a second chance. We also promote this approach when it comes to the last mile for our products. Many of our recipes focus on indulging you into using all the food, even leftovers for our recipes. As a result, we can proudly say that Mighty Farmer actively helps to reduce food waste.
Eat your veggies! It is the easiest way to fight climate change from home.

If a food waste was a country, it would be one of the biggest greenhouse gases emitter. As horrible as it sounds, do not worry! The good news is even you can help our planet. The answer lies in your fridge! Embark on a mission with Mighty Farmer to educate ourselves on how to fight food waste at our homes. Learn new recipes with leftovers and give them brand new life with our Mighty Farmer range of product.

Save the planet as well as your wallet. Let´s fight food waste and help the Earth together!
In Mighty Farmer, it breaks our heart to see perfect “imperfect” food being wasted. Therefore, we committed ourselves to never throw a single cucumber or carrot we “overproduced”.

We always make an extra effort to go out and give these healthy veggies to people who weren't so lucky to have enough food. We thrive to make the world and everyone a bit happier in the process.

Because that is simply what we believe in – that everyone can make something mighty that brings joy and makes the world a better place.