What is Sauerkraut and what are the benefits?

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Sauerkraut is a natural fermented cabbage that is rich in live cultures of gut friendly bacteria. The term sauerkraut comes from the German sauer (sour) and kraut (cabbage). It’s used all over the world and known for multiple names as kislaya kapusta (sour cabbage) in Russia and choucroute in France.

How to make Sauerkraut:
It’s said that when life gives you cabbage, you make sauerkraut.
Sauerkraut is an ancient way of preserving the cabbage to be used as a rich source of nutrients in the winter. The classic version is finely cut raw cabbage with salt. The cabbage releases liquid, creating its own brining solution, where lactic acid bacteria do their magic, creating a healthier and more delicious version of cabbage. You can also mix the classic sauerkraut with plenty spices and ingredients and get a big variety of flavours.

The origin of Sauerkraut:
It is known as a traditional German dish, but it’s believed to be a Chinese invention. It is said that Sauerkraut has its origins about 2.000 years ago in ancient China and that it was used to preserve the cabbage with rice wine in the winter, to feed the workers that where building the Great Wall of China.

Benefits of eating Sauerkraut
Added to the benefits of eating vegetables are the benefits of probiotics resulting from fermentation, which help maintain a healthy digestive system.

Difference between Kimchi and Sauerkraut:
Both SAUERKRAUT and KIMCHI are based on the natural fermentation of cabbage.
In the case of Kimchi Chinese cabbage is used and with sauerkraut usually white cabbage.
Both are born from the need to preserve food.


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Unsure how to use it?
Take a look at some of the recipe ideas we have for you.
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